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You Know You're a Hetalia Fangirl When...
1. You feel like a cannibal when you eat Romano cheese.
2. You check your room for Spain every night before bed.
3. You check your room for France every night before bed.
4. You check your room for Prussia every night before bed.
5. You check your room for Russia every night before bed.
6. You have the urge to yell 'PASTAAAA~!' whenever you eat pasta or go to an Italian  restaurant.
7. You are learning Japanese, Italian, French, German, Russian, and Chinese online for no apparent reason at all.
8. You fangirl over maps.
9. You fangirl over flags.
10. You have a playlist on your iTunes full of random 'Mrukaite Chikyuu' versions and clips from the anime.
11. You know that Canada exists.
12. You constantly laugh in world history with your friend because you think weird things when the teacher talks about the countries, such as France invading Spain and Russia (this happened in class a few weeks ago with me and a couple other friends...).
13. You make a list like this while waiting for you
:iconpokerose:PokeRose 48 84
Late Night Ice Cream (USUK)
"Arthur. Arthur wake up." Alfred's voice drifted through his consciousness. "We have a major problem. Arthur."
"Wha?" Arthur blinked awake and rolled over to squint at him. "Alfred? What's wrong?"
"There's an emergency." Alfred said seriously.
"What kind of emergency?" Instantly, Arthur was more awake.
"We're out of ice cream."
"...Alfred." Arthur glanced at the clock. It was 1:38.
"Are you insane? It's the middle of the bloody night. Why the hell are you looking for ice cream in the first place?" Arthur sat up and rubbed his eyes, glaring at the other when he could.
Alfred shuffled slightly on the bed. "Weeeeell...I couldn't really sleep so I went downstairs to get some ice cream cuz I was bored and didn't wanna be creepy by starin' at you for too long." He gave a sheepish smile. "So I went down but there was none!" His blue eyes widened with panic.
Arthur shook his head in resignation, knowing that Alfred wouldn't leave him alone until he had his ice cream. "Love, are
:iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 51 22
Hetaloid!Romano x Reader
You open the box, and gasp at what’s inside.
It was a Romano Hetaloid.
You were iffy about this one, with his stubborn attitude, fowl language, and other stuff you rather not get into. You brush those thoughts off and thank your parents for the gifts. After the party you walk quietly back to the box that held your hetaloid. You grabbed the instructions to see how to how to wake him up.
You smirked deviously, when you saw a certain way to wake this grumpy Italian up. You knew all too well what the curl could do, but this be satisfying to you, and irritating to the Italian Hetaloid.
So you walk up to where the hetaloid was “sleeping” peacefully in his box. You smirked and gave his curl a “soft” tug.
“CHIGI!!!” he shrieked. He sat up sharply and shot a glare at you. “Ragazza stupida, perché diavolo l'hai fatto?!”[1]  
You gave him a blank look before burst out laughing.
“O-Oi, what’s so funny?” he asked ha
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 716 568
QA: 340 by Ask-Fem-Romano QA: 340 :iconask-fem-romano:Ask-Fem-Romano 127 16 QA: 179 by Ask-Fem-Romano QA: 179 :iconask-fem-romano:Ask-Fem-Romano 78 4 Aww SNAP! by La-Mishi-Mish Aww SNAP! :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 3,971 801 BEHAVE YOU TWO by La-Mishi-Mish BEHAVE YOU TWO :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 3,935 1,028 Tea Party by La-Mishi-Mish Tea Party :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 3,043 528 Pearl - Scetch by Endless-Rainfall Pearl - Scetch :iconendless-rainfall:Endless-Rainfall 364 105
TamakiXReader Anything for you
“Handsome men can't be hurt by water." - Tamaki Suou
    “They’re hiding something!” the twins announced in unison to the rest of the host club. Honey gasped and turned to look at the twins in surprise, the fork that he had moved towards his mouth with a piece of cake on it froze. Mori merely glanced up and slowly lowered Honey’s hand down to the plate once again. Kyoya chuckled and continued to write in his notebook. “Nonsense,” Kyoya replied and glanced up at the twins. The light reflected on the Shadow King’s glasses caused his eyes to be unseen. “Boss is always sneaking around! He’s bad at it too!” Hikaru announced with a glare towards the host whom didn’t seem to believe him. Kaoru smiled and wrapped an arm around his brother’s shoulder. “Our lord seems to be a lot more jumpy as of lately also,” Kaoru pointed out smoothly. Honey nodded his head in agreement and held up Usa-ch
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 448 110
Host Club vs. Light Bulb
The Host Club vs. The Modern Light Bulb
How many Tamaki’s does it take to change a light bulb?
2. One to change the bulb, and another to admire himself doing it.
1! It’s just a flippin light bulb!
5. One to change it, two to hold the ladder, one to take care of Hunny, and another  contemplate why he needed a ladder in the first place.
1. But he’ll need 17 cooks for the celebration afterwards.
3. One to change it, one to put down a banana peel, and another to… oh, wait… that’s Kaoru.
None. Kyouya won’t let her near anything breakable after that vase incident.
2. One to change the light bulb, and another to be embarrassed about his midriff   showing when he lifts his arms up.
How many Host Club members?
7. Kaoru to try to change it, but in his embarrassment, he didn’t notice the chef collapsing into the ladder after slipping on the banana
:iconkanondreamer:KanonDreamer 142 66
Ouran Host Club by kinozie Ouran Host Club :iconkinozie:kinozie 181 16 My Tamaki Moment by MythologyRose My Tamaki Moment :iconmythologyrose:MythologyRose 19 2
Hetaloid!Japan x Reader
You open the box and gasp at what’s inside
It was a Japan Hetaloid.
You thank your parents for the present. then you start reading the instructions if your hetaloid. you give everyone a glance and order them this one thing.
“Don’t make any physical contact with him,” you said to your crowd. they all looked at you weirdly.
“Why?” One friend asked.
“According to the instructions, any physical contact will activate him, and i don’t know how he’ll react to a group of people,” You responded shyly.  They all just give you a look but go back to the party anyway.
After everybody left, you go back to the box opening the lid again. You were quite hesitant to touch him. Would he get a bad impression of you if you touched him. You shook all thoughts away, and did one thing.
You hugged him.
You knew he was activated when he shoved you off.
“w-w-what are you doing?” You hear him ask. You blush faintly.
“Sorry, that wa
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 735 334
Germany X Reader (Italy's twin sister) part 2

It had been almost two weeks since Germany had pulled the trigger. Two weeks that you never left his side, even if he hadn't woken up since Japan did emergency surgery on him. Japan tried to assure you he was getting better, but you still felt horrible and responsible for the whole thing. Feli didn't know that Germany had tried to kill himself, you and Japan had told him a small lie and blamed the allies. You couldn't bare to tell him the truth and hurt him anymore. 
You sat beside the bed, watching Germany afraid that if your eyes left him even for a second, that he would just disappear. You heard an awful wailing noise and looked around for a cat, but you soon figured out the noise was coming from your sobs. Why hadn't Germany woke up yet? You thought you were going crazy when you heard a groan escape his lips, but when he opened his blue eyes and fixed then upon you, you knew either he was finally awake, or that this was just some cruel drea
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 568 419
Hetaloid!China x Reader
You open the box, and gasp at what's inside.
It was a China Hetaloid.
You squee just a tiny bit and then thank your parents a million times. you automatically go for the manual on how to activate it.
your face dropped, on the ONLY way to activate it.
“Well, what are you waiting for, ______?” (Friend #1) asked.
“Yeah, go ahead and activate him.” (Friend #3) said enthusiastically.
You shake your head slowly. “not with this many people around.” you said. face not faltering even a tiny bit.
They all eyed you with a weird look that you couldn’t describe, but they all continue with the party anyway. After the party, everyone left, just leaving you and your unactivated hetaloid. you sighed and took you hetaloid to the basement, where there was a lot of space.
Once you got him situated you got ready for the activation.
oh god, this is going to be embarrassing ...then you screamed the activation words,
yep, that acti
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 596 484


OMG I LOVE IT!!!! You did a wonderful job designing them and I especially love the sparkles in their eyes it makes them look AMAZING!! ...



"Look Mori-chan! It's a girl!!"
You opened your eyes to see beautiful brown ones staring into them. "Oh oh look she is awake!!!!"
As the boy backed away you sit up and looked around recognizing the surroundings way to much. You were in the front yard of you favorite host club character, Hunny. You looked to your side to find Hunny sitting next to you. "Hey! You're finally awake! Are you ok?"
You stared at him in disbelief before answering "yea...yes I'm fine, but um...random question can you tell me your name?"
The boy brightly smiled " I'm Mitsukuni Haninozuka or you can call me Hunny-senpi and this is Usa-chan!!!!"
You couldn't believe it, your favorite host club character was sitting beside you talking to you...YOU!! "So do you want come inside for some cake?"
You smiled brightly "of course"
He jumped up and and helped you up to start dragging you to the house "Mori-chan!! We have a guest!!"
~~~~~~~time skip 3 years~~~~~~~~
You were able to get a house and go to Oraun thanks to Hunny. He was rich after all, you couldn't thank him enough for it. You both became the best of friends you always got to see him while he was hosting. Hunny truly loved you, you were everything he could have dreamed of funny, nice, cute, and you love cake! He told you that you were funny and nice on a daily basis, but never cute. Today was Christmas and he wanted to get you to go with him to the ball that the club was hosting. Sadly he had to turn down a bunch of other girls to ask you to go with him. When  he found you he gave you a big hug but was careful not to drop the cake he was holding. "Hey Hunny!"
He looked up into your (E/C) eyes and gave you the cake he was holding. It was small but cute "aww thanks Hunny!"
You said as you opened the cake box you looked in surprise at the note sitting on top if the cake you picked it up
'Dear (Y/N)
I would like to ask if you would want to go to the Christmas dance with me and Usa-chan!'
You looked at Hunny and smiled "of course!"
He smiled and hugged you "great! Thanks (Y/N)!!"
You giggled as you hugged him back "Your welcome! Now do you want to share this cake with me?!"
He nodded "YES YES YES YES!!!!!"
You had gotten all dressed up for the Christmas party you were wearing a long red dress with long sleeves that had fluff at the end of the sleeve and bottom of the dress. You were also wearing a Santa hat. When you got to the school, Hunny was waiting for and you laughed as you said "awww Hunny-senpi you look adorable!"
He smiled "thanks!"
He was dressed like a little elf with Usa-chan strapped on to his back.
He handed you a little box, you looked at it as it held a note
'Ok so to make this more fun I have decided to make this a puzzle were you have to find me! Don't worry I will give you hints! First hint: you must go inside only there may I hide'
You looked up to realize that Hunny was gone. You smiled "this will be interesting"
When you were inside you saw Mori "hey Mori-sempi!" He looked at you and smiled before walking over to you, handing you a note and he walked away. You looked at the note
'Go to the table full of sweets! Only there can you find my treat'
You looked around for the snack table when you found it you saw a dish with a note on it and you smiled as the note was surrounded by little cakes "Oh Hunny"
You grabbed the note and started to read
'These two love each other so, find them were it says Ho Ho Ho!'
You started walking around before you spotted the twins dressed as reindeer in front of a red sleigh. You ran over to them "Hikaru! Karou!"
They turned to look at you "hi (Y/N)!" They said in unison. As you walked up to them they handed you two slips of paper. You took both and thanked them before walking off to read them. They had split the note in half so you had to put them together to continue reading
'Your so close to finding me! Just go to music room three'
You smiled as you ran down the hallway to the music room. You opened the door and walked in to find Hunny sitting in a chair, he smiled when he saw you "hurray you did it!!"
You smiled as you walk over to him "of course! Your right that did make it more fun!"
He smiled as he dragged you out of the music room and into the ball room you both had started to dance before he started to lead you somewhere else. You guys stopped in a empty spot as he turned around and smiled brightly at you before handing you another note. You looked at him in surprise before taking the note and reading it
'Know this calls for a toast with a cup, now all you have to do is look up!'
You stared in confusion at the note before looking up to see mistletoe hanging from a strand is string you looked down at Hunny as he stood on his tip-toes and kissed you. You melted into the cake flavored kiss and when you pulled away you looked into his beautiful brown eyes the same way you did when you first met him. "Well well well, it looks like  (Y/N) and Hunny are a couple now!"
The twins said as Hunny smiled as he looked at you "This calls for cake!!"
You smiled at your new boyfriend "Yes it does"
Best Christmas Ever
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I really like to draw powerpuff and ponies it seems to be the only thing I am good at


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